Requirements for Membership or Rank



MEMBERSHIP      Keep Membership current



MEETINGS          Attend one meeting
CLASSES            The Basics –Discuss equipment needed for all categories, materials,
acids, ingredients, fermentation, closures, bottling, and cleaning
The Law – Discuss the law as it relates to the brewer, driver,
distillation, drinker, host, and household
BREWING            Assist in a brewing
MEMBERSHIP     Keep membership current, pay dues annually



MEETINGS          Attend two additional meetings
CLASSES            Winery Tour – Tour a winery
                                          Brewery Tour – Tour a brewery
                                          Miscellaneous Basics – Discuss clean equipment, fining
agents, racking, ageing, and closures
Comparisons – Compare four wines and four beers. The wines
and beers must be of the same type but from different countries so that
you can see the differences.
BREWING            Make one batch in each of 3 divisions scoring 50+ in each
MEMBERSHIP     Keep membership current, pay dues annually



MEETINGS          Attend an additional six meetings (a minimum of two must be Council meetings)
CLASSES            Guild Structure – Go over the ranking system and the decision-making
structure of the Brewers Guild
Intermediate Brewing – Question and answer session with a Brewmaster
BREWING           Make two batches in each of 7 divisions with scores of 70+
MEMBERSHIP    Keep membership current, pay dues annually



MEETINGS          Attend an additional twelve meetings (four must be Council meetings)
CLASSES            Judging – Discuss what a judge is looking for and what is expected at
various levels of skill
Champagne and Cabernet – Recipes and methods
BREWING            Declare a primary core group and brew three batches in each division of
that core group scoring 80+
Declare a second core group and brew two batches in four of its divisions
scoring 70+
Declare a third core group and brew two batches in three of its divisions
scoring 50+
MEMBERSHIP     Keep membership current, pay dues annually



MEETINGS           Attend an additional twenty four (24) meetings (a minimum of eight (8)
 must be Council meetings)
PRESENTATION  Write a paper or booklet with council approval and
1) publish as booklet and/or
2) Submit to TI, CA, AC
BREWING            Make two batches in all divisions of the two cores you did not declare
as a primary for Master scoring 80+
MEMBERSHIP     Keep membership current, pay dues annually